Using The Blue Gene

List of Host/IP

Host Internet IP Services
sn ssh, http (navigator)
fen1 ssh
fen2 ssh
fs1-fs4 Only accessible from BGL File Server

There are ionode1-ionode128 but I am not sure what they are and how to access them. Anyway, these are not important.

Note that there is no way to log into the compute nodes and run programs directly, since BGL is a batch system. We have to use mpirun or some kind of scheduler (such as LoadLeveler, which is currently not working) to submit the jobs to run on the compute nodes.


Information about the hardware/system status can be found in the Blue Gene Navigator using the browser from here.
Note that only root can login to view the site.


VNC is useful since it gives a graphical desktop and work can be continued with the interruption of a disconnection of the internet, which happens all the time at PI.

To start a VNC out of CERT, for example from PI, we need to tunnel the VNC communication via SSH to the front end node.
So we need the following option when ssh to fen1 or fen2.

-L 5901:sn:5901

which will enable VNC session on the service node(sn). You can replace sn with localhost if you just want to start VNC on the front end node.

Then connect your VNC viewer to


to start the VNC window.

Keep in mind that you have to login the server and start


before using the vncviewer.

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